December 03, 2013

pink and ponytails

I finally got around to trying this pony tail trick posted a while ago on (You stack two ponytails instead of one to give the illusion that your hair is much longer than it actually is - full tutorial here and here), and I gotta say its pretty awesome!  I'll definitely be using this trick again from time to time.

xo denj

coat: borrowed from my sis - similar here and here!
boots - Kelsi Dagger
belt - Aritzia

Photos by Sarah


Kate from Clear the Way said...

What a sweet trick! Your hair looks great.

danni said...

Your hair looks fantastic! And I am also loving that vibrant pink coat. So good.

danni said...

Oh wow, it actually does make your hair look super full. Looking gorgeous as always, Danni!

danni said...

I was wondering how your ponytail was so long all of the sudden!